S T R A T E G I C   E M E R G I N G   E C O N O M I E S   D E V E L O P M E N T   G R O U P

Organisational development


Our approach to organisational development is tailored to client needs and targets.  Focused on medium-sized businesses and organisations, we trouble-shoot and find cost-effective solutions to your organisational development needs.  Core competencies are in human resources acquisition/retention, management systems, market research, quality assurance, and growth planning.



Philanthropy support


We believe business is the engine of national wealth creation and social development - and that giving back is part of success.  However, giving back has to be impactful, effective and efficient; there has to be social return on investment.  Our network across the continent puts us in a great position to advise on philanthropic ventures and carry out due diligence.  Given the nature of our business, we specialise in ventures that focus on social entrepreneurship and that help grow Africa's social, business and political leaders of tomorrow.  These are often carefully selected high-risk, high-impact ventures - which we unapologetically bring to our clients.  We provide our clients with several services, from venture identification, due diligence, philanthropic investment management, and impact monitoring/reporting.



Impact investment and advisory


Our investment advisory service is used by two types of clients high net-worth individuals who want to make a difference and individual businessmen and women who want a safe, but exciting investment portfolio.  


Giving back, with impact... We believe in giving back and our passion is in impact investments focused on game changing initiatives.  Just as we like to see a good financial return on our investments, we hone in on opportunities that not only yield a good social return, but may have broader socio-economic and political impacts.  See our philanthropy support services for more on our thinking in this area.


Your international investment portfolio... As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that success is not taken for granted.  The smart businessman or woman plans for a rainy day.  We believe that an investment cushion should not only yield steady returns, but also reflect your interests and aspirations.  Once you tell us what you like and yearn for, and how much you can invest over what period, well make a few proposals.  We will not manage your funds, but facilitate your direct investments.  Your money, your investments - we just make it easier.



Impact procurement and brokerage


Accessing business opportunities in many markets is challenging  with a myriad of regulations, different ways of doing business, and contractual insecurity.  Where we are entrenched and know the business environment well, we can help broker business for you, set up affiliates or subsidiaries, and help you identify opportunities and entry points into a market.  We start off by understanding your objectives, product/services, and then  if we think we can help you  then sign a brokerage agreement.


Getting what you want, when you need it, and to agreed specifications makes procurement a complex task for many businesses.  Procuring for postive social impact is another challenge we add to our procurement work - particularly for companies that want to procure in Africa or Asia.  


We take a "no short-cuts to quality"-approach to standard procurement and provide this service only to clients who follow strict business and ethical standards similar to our own.  Once we understand your needs, well research the market, and provide you with an integrated proposal for getting your requirements delivered.  Where your procurement needs involve specific sector expertise that we dont have in-house, well find the best and draw it into the procurement process.


If you want to source from businesses in Africa and Asia that do good in their communities, then we can help.   We find social businesses that uphold quality standards and have positive social impacts - and provide our clients with a set of procurement options.  We then facilitate supplier visits as we know 'seeing is believing'.


Our services


> Organisational development

> Philanthropy support

> Impact investment and advisory

> Impact procurement and brokerage


"Our organisation has used SEED Group organisational development services for the recruitment of PeaceNexus programme managers.


The advantages of SEED to other companies providing recruitment services are many: They know about capacity needs in different sectors; they know our organisation and specificities of required profiles; and they are able to adapt their recruitment methodology to our needs including developing tailor-made case studies.


All recruitment processes we have done with the SEED Group led to great results; they were much appreciated by candidates; and they reflected the professional approach of PeaceNexus."


Anne Gloor

Founder / Director, PeaceNexus Foundation, Switzerland

"The Enterprise for Development International (EfDI) is engaged in the establishment of a Centre of Excellence for Vocational and Skills Training in Nigeria on behalf of the Deep Offshore Community Affairs Group (DOCAG), a group of Deep Offshore Oil Companies in Nigeria.


We used SEED Group's brokerage services to design and implement a weeklong visit and study tour of Norwegian Technical and Vocational Skills sector.  It resulted in in-depth appreciation of the sector and facilitated opportunities of partnerships.


SEED Group is a top notch company with impressive capability."


Olukayode Soremekun

Managing Director, EfDI,