S T R A T E G I C   E M E R G I N G   E C O N O M I E S   D E V E L O P M E N T   G R O U P

Trailblazers: Automated Speech Recognition and Media Monitoring


We are particularly excited about this game changing project we are doing for Spitch AG (Switzerland). Spitch AG provides advanced speech technologies that have tremendous potential to transform the media monitoring industry. It is new technology that already is making waves in the banking sector.


Currently, many media monitoring companies use human resources to monitor and transcribe media broadcasting, which is then analysed for different client purposes. Spitch speech recognition, synthesis and search engine technologies are already available in several languages. We see the potential of Spitch technology to dramatically reduce  costs and improve both the efficiency and accuracy of media monitoring.


So what are we doing? We have identified over 50 leading media monitoring companies (BurrellesLuce, Cision, 360 MediaWatch, A Data Pro, Critical Mention, Kantar Media, Kliping, L'Eco Della Stampa, Landau Media, m-brain, Media Miser, Meta Communication International, Opoint, Press Service Monitoring, Retriever, and Universal Information Services) in Europe and North America that can benefit from Spitch technology. We engage with these companies to get a sense of 'fit' and how Spitch technology can (or cannot) add value. If the fit is good, we hook these trailblazing companies up with Spitch and watch the magic happen.


It's simple. And it's game-changing. It's our kind of project.


And lastly. Here's why Spitch AG is the perfect client for us; they are Swiss and as Swiss, they don't like wasting time - their own and that of others. So their ask of us is simple; "Our technology either adds value to a business or does not. We only want to engage with media monitoring companies where the fit is great. And if there are no good fits, then so be it." As company full entrepreneurs, this is music to our ears and enables us to be short, sweet, and focused on finding those companies where Spitch technology will provide an edge.  





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