S T R A T E G I C   E M E R G I N G   E C O N O M I E S   D E V E L O P M E N T   G R O U P

Established by a group of entrepreneurs in 2009, SEED Group Ltd helps businesses and organisations in emerging markets grow and access new opportunities.


With a robust understanding of and networks in different markets in Africa, Europe and Asia, we are uniquely positioned to broker, procure and advise on markets and investments.  Our organisational development services help clients prepare for and manage growth better.  Our primary focus is to ensure that the companies we serve maximise their positive social impact.


Pretty much all of our business comes from word of mouth.  So if you're here, you've either heard about us from a satisfied client, or come across one of our partners or associates on assignment somewhere in the world (see pictures on this page that we've taken from Myanmar, Guinea, and Mongolia).  We hope you find some answers to the questions you have and that this visit is the beginning of a fruitful and prosperous relationship.


About us